Broken Images by Lisa Kahane

BOMB 3 Spring 1982
003 Winter Spring 1982
Broken Images Body

Lisa Kahane, left: Ruined Wisdom and right: Ruined Force.

Part IV of XXLV Seasons by Leslie Schiff
Article 4 1  Shiff 4
Lucas Blalock by Taylor Dafoe
302294585 04252016 Blalock Bomb 02

“If I do something to a photograph, the viewer has an impulse to naturalize what happened, to correct the mistake.”

Ryan Foerster by Ashley McNelis
Ryan Foerster Bomb 1

“If this is what this material does now, just treat it as a positive thing.“

Idris Khan by Adam Fuss
Idris Khan 1

There’s an inherent failure in all traditional art media; while lives and time appear to move and change, an artwork remains forever a prisoner of its own birth time, and our subsequent need to preserve and consume it.

Originally published in

BOMB 3, Spring 1982

Barbara Kruger & Richard Prince, Keith Sonnier, Valie Export, Alan Scarritt, and Jim Chladek. Cover by Mark Magill.

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003 Winter Spring 1982