BOMBLive at the Harbor Gallery

Listen to readings from a BOMBlive event at the Harbor Gallery on July 24th, 2013. Many thanks to our talented readers: Álvaro Enrigue, Catherine Lacey, M. Cullen, Trey Sager, and Bianca Stone.

First Kiss

Álvaro Enrigue

Catherine Lacey

M. Cullen

Trey Sager

Bianca Stone

Watch “The Future is Here,” a film by Bianca Stone that screened as part of the program:

Jesse Ball & Catherine Lacey
Jesse Ball And Catherine Lacey
Breakout Voices From The Inside by Matthew Aaron Goodman
Breakout1 Body
Constance DeJong by Jennifer Krasinski
Constance Dejong Bomb 2

“We were relegated to Chick Lit, romance novels, our subjects were love and motherhood and other sexually-defined things. Modern Love mocks that, to some degree. It pushes back.”

Susan Daitch by Evan Lavender-Smith
Susan Daitch Bomb 2

“There are times when all writing is like the cinema hat you can’t take off, and once it’s in place, there’s a tendency to catastrophize, to make things more interesting.”