Join BOMB and our literary contributors every Friday at 5PM ET on Instagram Live.

Ig Main Announcement

Dear Readers,

We are pleased to announce BOMB EOD, a weekly Instagram Live series presenting brief readings and Q&As with our literary contributors to punctuate your week. Hosted by BOMB staff and editors, EOD will see a mix of contributors past and present bringing their work to the Instagram Live stage every Friday at 5PM ET. Follow us on Instagram to catch the show or for more information: @bombmag

BOMB EOD Schedule:
4/24 - Stacy Szymaszek
5/1 - Vi Khi Nao
5/8 - Kevin Nguyen
5/15 - Mónica de la Torre
5/22 - Jenny Zhang
5/29 - Lucy Ives

Vi Khi Nao by Louis Elliott
Vi Khi Nao Covers

From personal ads compiled as narrative to a frame-by-frame retelling of a short film on grazing sheep, Nao’s poems and stories are acrobatic experiments in form.

Looking Back: BOMB Contributors on Literature in 2018
The Great Derangment

Featuring selections by Tom Comitta, Molly Crabapple, Veronica Scott Esposito, Carlos Fonseca, and more.

Shiv Kotecha’s The Switch by Corina Copp
The Switch Cmyk

It’s possible that like John the Divine—aka John of Patmos, author of the Book of Revelation—Shiv Kotecha has been plunged into boiling oil and suffered nothing from it, his audience converted into sweet lambs upon witnessing the miracle, and the prophet-poet cast forever unto the brightness of exile.