BOMB Specific by Carolina Sandretto

“A solar is a peculiar multicultural habitat; the apartment tenements represent the complex layers of Cuban society. Everyone lives in tiny converted rooms with almost no privacy.”

BOMB 134 Winter 2016
Bomb 134 cover
Sandretto Carolina 01 Bomb 134

La Quinceañera, Havana. From the series Vivir con …, Cuba, 2015, archival digital prints from medium format negatives, 20 × 20 inches. All images courtesy of the artist unless otherwise noted.

Sandretto Carolina 02 Bomb 134

Maria Despierta, Havana.

Sandretto Carolina 03 Bomb 134

Adelaida, Zulueta

Sandretto Carolina 04 Bomb 134

Maria, Havana. Courtesy Galleria Renata Bianconi, Milan.

Sandretto Carolina 05 Bomb 134

Edificio Plaza Vieja, Havana.

Sandretto Carolina 06 Bomb 134

El Tio, Bejucal.

Danny Lyon by Susan Meiselas
Danny Lyon 1
Project by An-My Lê

In the spring of 2015, An-My Lê was invited by film director Gary Ross to photograph on the set of Free State of Jones, his period war film inspired by the life of Newton Knight, a Mississippi farmer and Southern Unionist who led an armed revolt against the Confederacy in 1864. 

Brandan “Bmike” Odums by Zachary Lazar
Odums Brandan 01

After Hurricane Katrina, Brandan “Bmike” Odums realized that the graffiti he and other artists were making in the abandoned buildings around New Orleans had an inherent political value, not just because of the subject matter (though Odums himself had always had an affinity for depicting civil-rights icons) but also because creating art in those depopulated spaces foregrounded their meaning, calling attention to what they had once been, what they had been allowed to become, and why.

Wendy Ewald by Esther Allen
Ewald Bomb 01

“I want the people I collaborate with to understand that they can move a way from the realities they’ve been placed into, that they can create a reality.”

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BOMB 134, Winter 2016

Featuring interviews with Jem Cohen, Tom Burr, Maylis de Karengal, Portia Zvavahera, SO - IL, Sarah Ruden, Michael St. John, Stephen Collier, Mayo Thompson.

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