BOMB Specific by EJ Hauser

BOMB 121 Fall 2012
BOMB 121

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These photos were taken between 2008 and 2012. I selected photos of paintings, of drawings, of notebooks—informal curations. Several of the artworks reproduced are now lost; sometimes it is difficult to slow down and stop, paintings are painted over and beginning ideas are sealed under new decisions of material. Photos as bread crumbs, instantaneous documents of attraction.

—EJ Hauser

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Joe Fyfe by Marjorie Welish
Fyfe 01
Studio Visit: Malin Gabriella Nordin by Lauren Moya Ford
Malin Gabriella Nordin1

Against inertia.

Studio Visit: Margaux Ogden by Matthew J. Abrams
Margaux Ogden1

Painting as disappearance.

Oral History Project: Stanley Whitney by Alteronce Gumby
​Stanley Whitney

“My work was just like art history; it was all Velázquez, Goya, Cézanne, and Soutine. But when I saw Morris Louis I saw a way into the present.”

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BOMB 121, Fall 2012

Featuring interviews with Miguel Gutierrez and Ishmael Houston-Jones, Haim Steinbach, Carolyn Cantor and Amy Herzog, Ben Chasny and Sir Richard Bishop, Kurt Andersen and Susanna Moore, Edith Grossman and Jaime Manrique, Lucy Raven, and Josiah McElheny.

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