BOMB Specific by Manuel Cirauqui & Mario García Torres

BOMB 130 Winter 2015
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Bomb130 Manuel Cirauqui And Mario Garcia Torres
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Jimmie Durham by Manuel Cirauqui
Durham 2
Ricardo Nicolayevsky by Luis Felipe Fabre
Nicholay 1

It’s hard to pin down exactly what happens with Lost Portraits, an almost mythical series of Super 8 and 16mm shorts—filmed between 1982–85 in Mexico City and New York—depicting Nicolayevsky’s young friends and peers while he was a film student at NYU.

Three Letters by Remedios Varo

I have let a prudent amount of time go by and now believe, or more, I am absolutely certain that your spirit will find it auspicious to be in contact with me. I am a reincarnation of a friend you had in other times. 

After the Massacre by Carlos Fonseca
Hernan Ronsino 01

Staging historical justice in Hernán Ronsino’s Glaxo

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BOMB 130, Winter 2015

Featuring interviews with Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, Theaster Gates, Martin Wilner, Paola Prestini, A.G. Porta, Pierre Guyotat, Paweł Althamer, and Eugéne Green.

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130 Cover