BOMB Specific by Huma Bhabha & Jason Fox

BOMB 115 Spring 2011
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Michelle Segre by Huma Bhabha
Shahryar Nashat and Adam Linder by Aram Moshayedi
Al 5 Cmyk

An artist and a choreographer challenge the term collaboration, which they see as an approach rather than an outcome or frame of interpretation. 

Introductions by Kate Zambreno

A collaboration between B. Ingrid Olson and Kate Zambreno.

Neil Greenberg & Will Corwin
Neil Greenberg 01

A discussion of urbanism and Staten Island, cartography, and monumental sculpture’s place in modern society.

Originally published in

BOMB 115, Spring 2011

Featuring interviews with Joe Fyfe, Katharina Grosse, Luis Camnitzer, Jim Shepard, Sebastián Silva, Thomas Pletzinger, Robert Wyatt, and Sibyl Kempson.

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115 20Cover