BOMB Specific by Lyle Ashton Harris

BOMB 132 Summer 2015
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Lyle Ashton Harris’s work explores intersections between the personal and the political, examining the impact of ethnicity, gender, and desire on the contemporary social and cultural dynamic. Harris is an Associate Professor at New York University and serves on the board of trustees of the American Academy in Rome, for which he co-curated, with Robert Storr and Peter Benson Miller, the group exhibition Nero su Bianco, which opened in May 2015. Harris’s BOMB Specific project is a visual essay that meditates on the malleability of desire, loss, and resilience.

Portfolio by Azikiwe Mohammed
Azikiwe Mohammed Bomb 9
Harmony Holiday by Farid Matuk
Miles Davis Trumpets

“I don’t want the kind of career where everything is sensible and safe; I’d rather suffer through the anxiety of wondering where I’m going next than suffer the boredom of dancing in the same safe square.”

Chris McKim’s Wojnarowicz: F**k You F*ggot F**ker by Eugenie Dalland
Three buffaloes tumble off the side of a cliff.

Wojnarowicz: F**k You F*ggot F**ker (World of Wonder) a documentary by Chris McKim, pays tribute David Wojnarowicz, capturing the care and ferocity of the AIDS activist and artist.

Connecting the Polka Dots by Ted Kerr
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AIDS in plain sight

Originally published in

BOMB 132, Summer 2015

Featuring a cover with hand-drawn verse by Eileen Myles. Interviews with Carolee Schneemann, Nicole Eisenman, David Humphrey, Maggie Nelson, Justin Vivian Bond, Robert Grenier, Leigh Ledare, Chris Kraus, Moriah Evans, and more.

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139125856 07062015 Bomb 132 Cover