Bomb on the Inside: A Real Dream on East Houston by David Goodman

Check out the mural by Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo on East Houston and Bowery.

Osgemenos Body

Os Gemeos, July 28 2009, Mural on Bowery and East Houston, David Goodman

Check it out. The new mural by Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo is up on East Houston and Bowery incorporating ideas from the artists’ daily life with the “ludico” world. “[We] report scenes from a magic, love, and real place that live inside us,” they say, “a real dream, the scene of our own universe.” This second mural project supported by Deitch Projects and Goldman Properties has recently been dedicated to the late Dash Snow.

Os Gêmeos by Vik Muniz
Osgemeos 01 Body
Restless Surfaces: José Parlá’s Amistad América by Osman Can Yerebakan

A mural’s ode to labor and migration.

Ellen Cantor’s Magical Thinking by Nicola Tyson
Ellen Cantor 01

Ellen Cantor (1961–2013) was a prolific artist with an ardent vision that was personal, communal, and political. In the years before her untimely death, she had produced a complex body of work spanning painting, sculpture, drawing, and especially film and video. Her work—an open expression of her own sexuality—faced censorship battles in both the UK and Switzerland in the 1990s.

Brandan “Bmike” Odums by Zachary Lazar
Odums Brandan 01

After Hurricane Katrina, Brandan “Bmike” Odums realized that the graffiti he and other artists were making in the abandoned buildings around New Orleans had an inherent political value, not just because of the subject matter (though Odums himself had always had an affinity for depicting civil-rights icons) but also because creating art in those depopulated spaces foregrounded their meaning, calling attention to what they had once been, what they had been allowed to become, and why.