BOMB 154 / Winter 2021

Featuring Interviews with Mary Lovelace O’Neal, Walton Ford, Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, Tashi Dorji, Guadalupe Maravilla, The Ross Brothers, and Danielle Evans.

BOMB 154 Winter 2021
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poems on yellow BOMB cover 154

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About the cover: To create her compass poems, poet and programmer Allison Parrish trained a machine learning model with two parts: one spells words based on how they sound, and the other sounds out words based on how they’re spelled. Parrish selects a list of semantically related words, and the “sounder-out” uses phonetics to translate those words into numerical vectors. The “speller” can then predict a plausible spelling of a vector halfway between a pair of words, or the midpoint of a list of words arranged as points on a compass.

BOMB #154 Preview: Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore by Amy Gall
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BOMB 154, Winter 2021

Our winter issue includes interviews with Tashi Dorji, Danielle Evans, Walton Ford, Guadalupe Maravilla, Mary Lovelace O’Neal, the Ross Brothers, and Aaron Turner; DIY cookbooklets from Dindga McCannon; poetry by Rae Armantrout, Imani Elizabeth Jackson, and Allison Parrish; prose by Langston Cotman, GennaRose Nethercott, and Brontez Purnell; a comic by Michael DeForge; protest drawings by Steve Mumford; and more.

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