One Poem by Ben Pelhan

Ben Pelhan is a London-based American and a white, cis-het, male. As such, this is where his poems begin. He founded Line Assembly, a poetry education and performance tour with an accompanying documentary now in post-production. He has always lived by a river but never on a coast, and his poems have appeared/are forthcoming in Black Warrior Review, Bombaby Gin, Dream Pop, and Fairy Tale Review among others. You can follow @benpelhan on Instagram to see pictures of his dog and the occasional London elephant sighting.

An Artist’s Guide to Herbs: Sarsaparilla by Harmony Holiday
Harmony Holiday Sarsaparilla

“The blood of the thing is the truth of the thing.”

One Poem by Lara Mimosa Montes
Lara Mimosa Montes 1

When you don’t have the words / what will you use to speak (to truth)? Whiteness is structured like a language

Conversation Smudging: Sophie Seita on Translating Uljana Wolf by Zoe Brezsny
Sophie Seita Banner

“The book can draw in different audiences without catering to them. There’s a kind of rigorous hospitality, an aperture for dialogue.”