One Poem by Ben Fama

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I just said I didn’t know
and now you are saying
you aren’t sure I’m cool
that’s cool
I was thinking
before I saw you
the beauty of ideology
if it’s working you
think you’re above it
the suspension
is exquisite? I dunno
words are beautiful I guess
I like roses dyed with black ink
today I clicked all your links
desultory animated ghosts
that selfie in your search results,
how your website purrs
ugh, I wouldn’t deny that
haters make you famous
you’re like yeah I’ve heard
so much bad shit, um, you’ve never
been to Southern California
goddamn there is
coral below the surface
Barbara Guest says and
there is sand, and berries
like pomegranates grow
this wide net I am treading water
near it, bubbles are rising and salt
drying on my lashes, yes am no nearer
air than water, I am closer to you
than land and I am in a stranger ocean
than I wished

@shad0w_paws is Lora Nouk.

Ben Fama is the author of Fantasy (UDP, 2015). He lives in NYC.

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