Beach Chair With Wings by Carol Jacque

BOMB 41 Fall 1992
Issue 41 041  Fall 1992

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41 Jacque Body

Carol Jacque, Beach Chair with Wings, 1992, walkers, ace bandages, 36½ × 31 × 29 inches.

Untitled Furniture Sculpture by John Armleder
27 Armleder Body
Las Nietas de Nonó by Pepón Osorio
Bb10 Las Nietas De Nono 30

Sisters Lydela and Michel Nonó conduct performative interventions at their art space/home in Puerto Rico, using improvisation to process family memories and trace the wounds of colonialism.

Liking Difficulty: Nancy Shaver Interviewed by Ann Lauterbach
Nancy Shaver1

Found objects and fabrics.

Inhuman Sound: An Interview with Matmos by Britton Powell
Matmos Bomb 1

“Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.”

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BOMB 41, Fall 1992

Featuring interviews with Richard Tuttle, Television, Anna Deveare Smith, Jessica Stockholder, YoYo, Donna Tartt, Gregg Araki, Ron Vawter, Lillian Lee, Fabian Marcaccio, and Robbie McCauley.

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Issue 41 041  Fall 1992