Barrão by Tunga

BOMB 102 Winter 2008
102 Winter 2008 Body

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Barrao 01 Bomb 102

Barrão, Buddhas, 2007, china and Durepox, 18 × 21 × 20½ inches. All images courtesy of the artist and the Laura Marsiaj Arte Contemporânea Gallery, Rio de Janeiro.

Each Vessel is every vessel, and, simultaneously a unique on in itself.

Each vessel is many vessels at once. In them, each hollow is every hollow, every opening leads to a hollow, and all hollows are full of openings.

Barrão’s vessels are mutant, elastic and malleable. Their opposite can be their equal or perhaps another object wriggling its way out of the series. In line with Barrão’s bold thinking methods, these objects propose solutions to a wide range of amusing problems.

Is a vessel a thing? Barrão gives us the shape of a vessel inside, and outside, another vessel, and within them, the answer.

Barrao 02 Bomb 102

Barrão, Dogs, 2005, china and Durepox, 16 × 12½ × 13⅜ inches.

Barrao 03 Bomb 102

Barrão, There’s a Tail on my Souvenir, 2006, china and Durepox, 25 × 17 × 15 inches.

Tunga is a visual and performance artist based in Rio de Janeiro.

Nicole Cherubini by Sarah Braman
Nicole Cherubini by Sarah Braman

Cherubini describes her lush, material-based approach to clay and glaze as “baroque minimalism.” Braman visited Cherubini’s Brooklyn Navy Yard studio as she prepared for her fall exhibition at the Pérez Art Museum Miami.

James “Son” Thomas by Philip Walker
Thomas James Son 01

James “Son” Thomas is a sculptor and a Blues singer and guitarist living in Leland, Mississippi.

The Bakery: Fawn Krieger Interviewed by Nina Katchadourian
Experiment In Resistance 90 Fawn Krieger1

Clay and concrete converge through rupture, displacement, and fusion.

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BOMB 102, Winter 2008

Featuring interviews with the Campana Brothers, Cao Guimaraes and Marila Dardot, Ernesto Neto, OsGemeos, Bernardo Carvalho, Francisco Alvim, Lygia Fagundes Telles and Manuel Alegre, Karim Ainouz, Arnaldo Antunes, and Paulo Mendes Da Rocha.

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102 Winter 2008 Body