Banana Kelly Double Dutch by John Ahearn

BOMB 6 Summer 1983
006 Summer 1983
Bomb 6 Ahearn 001 Body

John Ahearn (with Roberto Torres and Raul Ande), Banana Kelly Double Dutch, 1982, painted fiberglass life casts of Ferida, Jenette, Towana, Stacy.

Collective Resistance: Karen-Kaia Livers, Alison Parker, and Dread Scott Interviewed by Bob Snead
Dread Scott1

A public art project in New Orleans reenacts a slave revolt.

Against Our Will: Traci Molloy and Sarah Super Interviewed by Melissa Potter
Against Our Will1

Public art addressing the trauma of sexual violence.

Frederic Tuten’s My Young Life by Thomas Bolt
Ohio Pictures 881

My Young Life is a memoir of becoming…

Originally published in

BOMB 6, Summer 1983

Kathy Acker, Jene Highstein, Mark Pauline, James “Son” Thomas, art by Anthony McCall, Judy Pfaff, Julia Heyward, and more.

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006 Summer 1983