August Tree by Gwenn Thomas

BOMB 11 Winter 1985
011 Winter 1985

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Gwenn Thomas 001

Gwenn Thomas, August Tree, 1981, color photo with oil paint on mat board and wood frame, 22 × 28 inches.

Two Poems by Kimiko Hahn
Gwenn Thomas 001
Two Photographs by Amanda Means
20 Means 01 Body

Two untitled photographs, Untitled (Number Forty) and Untitled (Number Twenty-Eight), by Amanda Means.

Wave Music by Clifford Ross
Ross 01

Photographer Clifford Ross writes about his Wave Music project—the methods and equipment he uses as well as the philosophical underpinnings driving his work.

Gregory Crane: The Four Seasons by April Gornik
298519702 02112015 Gregory Crane 01 Bomb 067 Web

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BOMB 11, Winter 1985

Ralph Humphrey, John Jesurun, art by David Salle, Eric Fischl, writing by Luc Sante, Kimiko Hahn, Tim Dlugos, and more.

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011 Winter 1985