Art may be the True Form of Disarmament by Bonnie Sherk

BOMB 6 Summer 1983
006 Summer 1983
Bonnie Sherk 001

Photo by Bonnie Sherk.

Art may be the True Form of Disarmament, is a new patriotic flag (red, white, and blue, nylon, 6 × 10 feet), designed by the artist and manufactured by the Valley Forge Flag Company of Pennsylvania, one of America’s oldest flagmakers. This flag is meant to fly wherever there is an elephant and a donkey. This picture shows the flag hanging on F Street in NW Washington, DC March, April, 1983.

Dr. Agitt Tortured by Sue Coe
One Piece: Clearly Confused by Natalie Baxter
Natalie Baxter Clearly Confused

The artist talks about the genesis, composition, and execution of a recently completed work.

Holding Power Accountable: Shuddhabrata Sengupta Interviewed by Rehan Ansari
Undoing Walls Raqs Media Collective1

A Raqs Media Collective member discusses politics, art, and not making art.

Recording Society’s Crimes: Fernando Arias Interviewed by Kurt Hollander
Blood From Fernando Arias1

Art addressing war and inequality in Colombia and elsewhere.

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BOMB 6, Summer 1983

Kathy Acker, Jene Highstein, Mark Pauline, James “Son” Thomas, art by Anthony McCall, Judy Pfaff, Julia Heyward, and more.

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006 Summer 1983