Three Poems by Ariel Yelen

Dbowman Mine

Dannielle Bowman, Mine, 2018.

Yelen Poems 1 A
Yelena3 A 1

Ariel Yelen’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in The American Poetry Review, Conjunctions, Washington Square Review, The Felt, BOAAT, and elsewhere. She lives in Brooklyn, and works as the Associate Editor for Futurepoem, where she also edits the blog futurefeed.

One Poem by Jon Ruseski
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Maybe // There is // A genealogy of suffering // How // This morning // I read // Minimalism is the aesthetic code of gentrification // Really I want to say // Make less art

Theater as Convergence: Lucas Baisch Interviewed by Vanessa Thill
1  Ref

On deep listening and language as liberation.

Taylor Mac by Katherine Cooper
Taylor Mac 02

On being an outsider, the nature of authenticity, and the depths of pop-culture.