Another Future: Poetry and Art in a Postmodern Twilight by Lucy Raven

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BOMB 96 Summer 2006
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Courtesy of Wesleyan University Press.

In his new collection of critical essays, writer Alan Gilbert leads a probing, borderless investigation into countless contemporary moments in aesthetics that recognize, inhabit, resist, essentially interact with the realm of the social. Discussing wildly diverse examples of art and poetry from the last 10 years, Gilbert posits an imperative liaison or similitude between lines doggedly drawn during postmodernism: loci of protest—economic, cultural, political, and in all of these, artistic—grow and disseminate information over the very networks put in place by the global hegemonies they resist. Asking thoughtful, insistent questions, Gilbert’s own writing suggests, is a first step toward making our way—together—toward any widespread change.

Another Future was published in April 2006.

Positions Series by Cary Levine
Looking Back on 2017: Literature
Looking Back 2017 Literature

Featuring selections by Justin Taylor, Shelly Oria, Mary Walling Blackburn, Kevin Killian, Barry Schwabsky, John Freeman, and more.

Renée Green’s Other Planes of There by Thom Donovan
Renee Green

Renée Green’s collection, Other Planes of There, which spans over twenty years of the artist’s career, holds an alluring sense of return for me, offering a kind of fossil record of an evolving debate among progressive artists and cultural critics.

Frédrique Bergholtz and Iberia Pérez’s (Mis)Reading Masquerades by Christopher Stackhouse
6  Masquerades 01

A collection of essays examining the cultural, social and political manifestations of both literal and metaphorical masquerade.

Originally published in

BOMB 96, Summer 2006

Featuring interviews with Bernard Piffaretti, Liz Larner, Tony Oursler, Kimiko Hahn, Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge, Park Chanwook, Anthony Coleman, Jesper Just, A.R. Gurney, William Forsythe.

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