An Hourglass Experiences Ego Death by Kyung Me & Harry Gould Harvey IV

BOMB 148 Summer 2019
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Kyung Me is a New York–based artist and the author of Copy Kitty (2dcloud, 2019) and Bad Korean.

Harry Gould Harvey IV is an artist who works on Nanaquaket Neck in Rhode Island. This November, Kyung Me and Harvey will have a duo show at Bureau, New York.

dunjaluče by Ian Dreiblatt
Mr. Vladimir Putin’s Photo with Women by Deb Sokolow
Sokolow Page1 Ab Edit

An embarrassing incident at the Kremlin (from 2015? was it 2016?): in which women invited to an International Woman’s Day photo with Mr. Vladimir Putin arrive in high heels, much to the fear of Mr. Putin’s staff who are there to witness several tall women towering over the Russian Federation president.

The Monster in the Mirror: Daniel Clowes by Alexander Chee
Daniel Clowes

Daniel Clowes, renowned comics artist, talks about his newly reissued The Death-Ray and his distaste for superheroes and wrestling.

An Odd Couple by Gilles D'Amecourt
Odd1 Body

Anyone that can get to the UCLA Hammer Museum soon is in for a treat. Two strong yet very different shows share the upper level.

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BOMB 148, Summer 2019

Featuring interviews with Mary Weatherford, Nanfu Wang, Lee Quiñones, Venkatachalam Saravanan, Tyshawn Sorey, Ben Whishaw, Édouard Louis, Geovani Martins, Prageeta Sharma, and James Thomas Stevens.

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Bomb 148 Cover No Barcode Small