A View of Vesuvius by Daniel Poppick

BOMB 147 Spring 2019
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Daniel Poppick is the author of the poetry collections Fear of Description (Penguin, forthcoming 2019) and The Police. He lives in Brooklyn, where he works as a copywriter and copublishes the Catenary Press with Rob Schlegel and Rawaan Alkhatib.

 Daniel Poppick and Jenny Zhang
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Living Matter by Claire Atherton
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I never made a decision to become a film editor—or, in any case, I didn’t decide upon it at a young age and follow a single career path.

Symphony for Wind and Waves by Lou Hoyer
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Far away from any coastline. Where the wind strikes the water for the first time. Where waves start to grow. A young wave stretches its quivering back, reaching for the wind.

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BOMB 147, Spring 2019

Featuring interviews with Young Joon Kwak, Kazuo Hara, Bill Jenkins, Ligia Lewis, William Basinski, Titus Kaphar, José Roberto Cea, and Barry Lopez.

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147 Cover No Barcodeweb