A Dedication for H. J. B. by Amelia Blossomhouse

BOMB 28 Summer 1989
028 Summer 1989

as purple shades
usher in the night
i lock myself
in our room
darkly hemmed in by
we almost shared
in the pressing darkness
i reach out
to pull the purple nightshade
as a comforter to surround me
no longer taunted
i submit.

Amelia Blossomhouse is a South African in exile and an internationally published author. She currently does dramatic readings of her poetry to live percussion. Our Sun Will Also Rise, a collection of poetry, is just out on Three Continents Press.

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Ivan Vladislavić by Katie Kitamura
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“My imagination was shaped in a period of extreme rigidity in the social and political system. The apartheid system was about putting physical space between people. So an encounter with the other, with the neighbor or the stranger, has always seemed central to me.”

Originally published in

BOMB 28, Summer 1989

Featuring interviews with Patrick McGrath, Craig Lucas, Mary Ellen Mark, Isabel Toledo, Guy Gallo, Gary Indiana, David Kapp, Bobbie Ann Mason, Roland Legiardi-Laura, John Ford Noonan, Roni Horn, and Richard Edson.

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028 Summer 1989