A Brief History of Correspondence Art by Ray Johnson

BOMB 45 Fall 1993
045 Fall 1993

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Ray Johnson1

Ray Johnson, A Brief History of Correspondence Art.

Ray Johnson 2

Ray Johnson, My Favorite Artist, 1993.

Ray Johnson's Not Nothing: Selected Writings, 1954-1944, Edited by Elizabeth Zuba by Trisha Low
Ray johnson
Metaphors on Vision by Stan Brakhage
Brakhage 2

A letter from Brakhage to the poet Robert Kelly describing his work on the groundbreaking film Mothlight.

Clive Phillpot by Elizabeth Zuba
Ray Johnson 1

Human collage, mail art, and punning with the nothing master Ray Johnson.

BOMB Specific by Matt Keegan & Kay Rosen

The following is excerpted from an ongoing physical mail exchange, started in 2009, between artists Matt Keegan & Kay Rosen.

Originally published in

BOMB 45, Fall 1993

Featuring interviews with Gus Van Sant, Trisha Brown, Bernard Cooper, Francine Prose by Deborah Eisenberg, Mike Bidlo, Rob Weiss, Han Ong, Chen Kaige, Lawrence Chua, and Garry Lang.

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045 Fall 1993