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Retelling an American Legend: Jeanne Thornton Interviewed by Ryan Spencer
Summer Fun7

An epistolary novel about music, trans identity, and counterculture.

Retelling an American Legend: Jeanne Thornton Interviewed by Ryan Spencer
Summer Fun7

An epistolary novel about music, trans identity, and counterculture.

Reconciliation and Remediation: Shervone Neckles Interviewed by Danni Shen
Beacon Shervone Neckles1

Community-based installations that aim to build on different futures.

BOMB Retrospective: On “Gran Fury by Robert Gober” by Avram Finkelstein
Gran Fury 40Th

Celebrating 40 years with curated selections from the archive.

Duvet Theories by A.V. Marraccini
Duvet Theories Gray

For those “who have not left the apartment in a while,” A.V. Marraccini presents the essence of the duvet.

Translating to Transform: Clark Coolidge Interviewed by Parker Menzimer
To The Cold Heart5

A collection that joins several notable English-language translations of the Tang Dynasty poet, Hanshan.

Sitting with Discomfort: Christina Quarles Interviewed by Jareh Das
For A Flaw Christina Quarles1

Paintings and installations that unfix the body.

Katiana Rangel by Lori Goldston
Pearl Bw2 Tg
Who Thrives, Who Survives, Who Suffers: Matt Bell Interviewed by Allegra Hyde

A novel that chronicles climate change by interweaving an eighteenth-century apple-planting saga with visions of our global future.

In Some Far-off Place, Many Light Years in Space, I’ll Wait for You: Mikael Owunna Interviewed by Jessica Lanay
Oku Na Mmiri Mikael Owunna1

Photographs that aim to reflect the divine nature of Blackness.

To Think, Not React: Heidi Ewing Interviewed by Ken Foster

The director of the Oscar-nominated documentary, Jesus Camp, releases her first narrative film.

Somaly Serey, Serey Somaly by Anthony Veasna So
Avs Blue
Collapsing Interior and Exterior: Cindy Ji Hye Kim Interviewed by Olivia Gauthier
Capita The Face And Its Name Cindy Ji Hye Kim1

Paintings that depict the hidden body and mind.

Genre-Fluid: Megan Culhane Galbraith Interviewed by Claire Vaye Watkins
Guild Of The Infant Savior

A hybrid memoir on the search for the personal and cultural history of adoption.

2021 Small Press Flea
Spf Eventbrite Asset

Small Press Flea is co-presented by BOMB Magazine and Brooklyn Public Library.

Arthur Jafa and Dana Hoey by Sascha Behrendt

The two artists discuss their conceptual image-making, the paradox of brands, false narratives, and the “dynamic of consent.”

Collective Storytelling: Pik-Shuen Fung Interviewed by Kyle Lucia Wu
Ghost Forest 4

From Hong Kong to Canada, a multigenerational novel about a family’s sense of home.

A Room with a View: Azareen Van der Vliet Oloomi and Nadia Owusu
RWAV_Azareen Van der Vliet Oloomi and Nadia Owusu

Join us as we celebrate the launch of Azareen Van der Vliet Oloomi’s new novel Savage Tongues.

Unexpected Vernacular: Ellen Lesperance Interviewed by Jared Quinton
Pink Triangle New Wave Ellen Lesperance1

Painting feminist knitting patterns.

Materializing Craft: Rosanna Bruno Interviewed by Zach Davidson
Trojan Women by Anne Carson and Rosanna Bruno

A conversation about creative process, told through art objects.

Mr. Apology, 1980 by Dylan Landis
Apology Mockup Pink

A new short story.

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