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Four Poems by Maggie Millner
Wanda Film
Four Poems by Maggie Millner
Wanda Film
A Room with a View: Brontez Purnell & Bruce LaBruce
Brontez Rwav Homepage

Join us as we celebrate the launch of Brontez Purnell’s new collection, 100 Boyfriends.

A Life Intrinsic to the Work: RAPHAEL MONTAÑEZ ORTIZ Reviewed by Jacob Korczynski
Cover Raphael Montanez Ortiz1

An overdue publication dedicated to the practice of the interdisciplinary artist, educator, and founder of El Museo del Barrio.

Four Poems by Imani Elizabeth Jackson
Imani Hires Mockup 3
Open to Possibility: Jesse Wine Interviewed by Cassie Packard
The Ecstasy Of Saint Tokig Jesse Wine1

The process of making, breaking, and remaking ceramic sculptures.

Contextualizing the Repertoire: Julia Bullock Interviewed by Arya Roshanian
Julia Bullock 11 © Allison Michael Orenstein

On addressing systemic issues and creating access in the classical music industry.

A Charged Stillness: Tema Stauffer Interviewed by Kathryn Savage
Red Clay Driveway Tema Stauffer1

Photographs that capture the restlessness of place.

Sundown at the Eternal Staircase by GennaRose Nethercott
Nethercot Hires 2
Violence is the Texture of Experience: Benjamin Krusling Interviewed by Vijay Masharani

The poet on his new collection, institutions of power, purity, and the possibility of total obliteration.

The Ross Brothers by RaMell Ross
Bnep 48421

The filmmakers question the conventions of documentation with work that seeks transparency and authenticity outside of the fiction–nonfiction dichotomy.

Ecological Entanglements: Tuomas A. Laitinen Interviewed by Owen Duffy
Haemocyanin Tuomas Laitinen1

Artwork that creates complex systems.

Done Up Chaos: Susana Thénon Interviewed by Mirta Rosenberg & Diana Bellessi
Ova Completa

The Argentine writer’s final book of poems, Ova Completa, was recently released in English. This conversation between three poets took place thirty years ago, when the book first came out in Buenos Aires.

Dindga McCannon’s Mixed Media Adventures: Upcycling Plastic Bags

In this two-part workshop, McCannon will lead participants through her collage process.

Protest Drawings by Steve Mumford
Cb7350203D7140Ba66Bb84B983D5398D Bw
Adventures in Sadness: Lucie Britsch Interviewed by Rebecca van Laer
Sad Janet

A novel that scrutinizes the commodification of emotions with humor and subversion.

Hypnotic and Historical Power: Taibach Interviewed by Alex Lau

The anonymous industrial music duo on engaging the ideological minefield of US-Taiwan-China relations.

Guadalupe Maravilla by Janine Antoni
B3 A4266

By embracing the rituals of healing, Maravilla’s sculptures have taken on new meaning—and dimensions—in response to the pandemic.

Soft Power. Hard Margins: Nyeema Morgan Interviewed by Norm Paris
The Stem The Flower The Root The Seed Nyeema Morgan1

Image-text works that analyze history and power.

Myth and History: Cassi Namoda Interviewed by Will Fenstermaker
One Night In Beira Town Cassi Namoda2

Paintings as novellas.

What Sustained Us: Literature
What Sustained Us Lit

For this particularly challenging year, we’ve asked Elisa Gabbert, Amelia Gray, Myriam Gurba, Jessica Lanay, Greg Mania, Lydia Millet, Lara Mimosa Montes, Rakesh Satyal, Asiya Wadud, Charles Yu, and C Pam Zhang to tell us what sustained them.

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