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No Longer the Victim, I am the Threat: Alisson Wood Interviewed by Michele Filgate
Being Lolita by Alisson Wood

On surviving sexual assault and how telling stories can empower us.

No Longer the Victim, I am the Threat: Alisson Wood Interviewed by Michele Filgate
Being Lolita by Alisson Wood

On surviving sexual assault and how telling stories can empower us.

We Believe It Won’t Happen to Us: Elisa Gabbert Interviewed by Lincoln Michel
The Unreality Of Memory5

On disasters, the “perverse incentives” of social media, and writing in catastrophic times.

The Space of Music: Carl Craig Interviewed by Joe Bucciero
Carl Craig Dia Beacon1

Bringing techno into the museum.

Rules are for Breaking: Corinne Manning Interviewed by Cara Hoffman
Corinne Manning Original Yellow

On pageantry, the contradictions of family, and writing about queer femmes.

Refusing Erasure: Raven Leilani Interviewed by Sarah Etter
Luster5 1

On candidly depicting a black woman’s consciousness, the contradictions of intimacy, and the joys of other art forms.

Algorithms, Antibodies, and Automatons: Lynn Hershman Leeson Interviewed by G. Roger Denson
Lynn Hershman Leeson Electronic Diaries1

Working on the cutting-edge of science and technology.

A Room with a View: Carrie Moyer and Sheila Pepe: Tabernacles for Trying Times Moderated by Anthony Hawley
Rwavig8 12Web 1

Join us as we celebrate Carrie Moyer and Sheila Pepe’s inaugural museum collaboration.

The Poem is an Exploration: Ellen Bass Interviewed by Wallace Ludel
Indigo by Ellen Bass

On the life experiences that smooth our edges, writing into the unknown, and the brutality of love.

Oral History Project: Dindga McCannon by Philip Glahn
Dma 7

Most artists will tell you, the pieces create themselves. You’re just the vehicle or the vessel that this creativity is going through.

Issue #152: Craig Taborn by Camille Norment
Issue Project Room 2 15 18 Bw 51 Bw

Two sound artists on noise, fractals, Bach, Cecil Taylor, the new 7 PM ritual, and whether we still have use for the word improvisation.

Field Recording by Tashi Wada & Julia Holter
Tashi Wada Julia Holter  Photo By Dicky Bahto 1

In May, BOMB asked artists how COVID-19 and quarantine were affecting their creative process. How were they making art now?

Cultural Hierarchies: Kate Milliken Interviewed by Lydia Kiesling
Kept Animals by Kate Milliken

On writing about California in the 1990s, embodying our experiences, and launching a novel during a pandemic.

Inherently Interdisciplinary: Jasmine Dreame Wagner Interviewed by Robert Rubsam
Jasmine Dreame Wagner Portrait

The artist on how her practices influence one another, who gets to be a “Renaissance man,” and the significance of DIY ethics.

Structure Without a Center: Jennie C. Jones Interviewed by Jared Quinton
Jennie C  Jones Fractured Crescendo Rest1

Minimalist painting with a maximalist impulse.

Announcing the Winner of BOMB’s 2020 Poetry Contest
Stephanie Jean

BOMB is thrilled to announce Stephanie Jean as the winner of our 2020 Poetry Contest.

You’re Still Sick by Pato Hebert & Alexandra Juhasz
Pato Hebert1 Mask

Two artists and activists share their thoughts on COVID-19 and mutual care.

Room with a View: Akwaeke Emezi & Jennifer Baker
Rwav Web Emezi Baker

Join us as we celebrate the launch of Akwaeke Emezi’s new novel, The Death of Vivek Oji.

Searching for Origin Stories: Karolina Waclawiak Interviewed by Diane Cook
Life Events2

On trying to pre-grieve, the expansiveness of the desert, and writing the book she wanted to write.

Real People: Ari Braverman Interviewed by Liza St. James
The Ballad of Big Feeling by Ari Braverman

The debut writer on how vignettes became a novel, bodies as objects, and why discomfort is comfortable to read.

Slowing Images Down: Andrew Sendor Interviewed by Will Fenstermaker
Andrew Sendor Insta Covid 1

Making drawings of Instagram posts during COVID-19.

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