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John Reed by Gee Henry
John Reed Bomb 2

“The best way to write myself out of the project was to overwrite my own biography. I mean, who is this ‘I’ anyway?”

Four Poems by Mary Jo Bang

In any narrative, facts are present or not. One might assume the more facts, the better the constructed history, since facts are meant to reflect what can’t be computed by storytelling alone, which is said to be subjective and therefore inaccurate.

Robin Coste Lewis by Matthew Sharpe
Robin Coste Lewis Bomb 02

“I don’t accept the idea of my history as tragic.”

Michael Wiegers by Peter Mishler
Frank Stanford 1

Fable and fact—an editor’s perspective on the poetry and cult of Frank Stanford.

Data Harbor by Daniel Borzutzky

The manager at Data Harbor quit her job to become
a conceptual artist.

At the Savoy by Joseph Chapman
Joseph Chapman 01

The ballroom fills with Harlem’s skin.

Two Poems by Alan Gilbert

This First Proof contains two poems.

Letter by Andrew Naymark
Andrew Naymark 01

Writing a letter these days seems to be a tribute to nostalgia rather than an efficient means of communication. I almost always choose to text or email rather than actually write or type a letter. But I decided to write a long letter to a friend after reading Andrew Naymark’s poem “Letter.” The poem taps into the transitory yet life-altering realm of this often forgotten art and reminds us that “some beauty has failed to be recognized” when we fail to send a letter.

– Katherine Sanders

The Fatalist by Lyn Hejinian
Before Time Could Change Them: The Complete Poems of Constantine P. Cavafy by Matthea Harvey

Matthea Harvey reviews the recently translated works of the Greek poet Cavafy, considering the themes of history and impressionism.

Two Poems by Willie Perdomo

This First Proof contains the poems “See-Saw,” and “Come Back.”

Anthony Hecht by Daniel Anderson
Hecht 01 Body

In Flight Among the Tombs, Pulitzer Prize-winner Anthony Hecht assumes the voice of Death—as a society lady, a Mexican revolutionary, a film director, and, of course, a poet. Daniel Anderson and Philip Stephens survey thirty years of Hecht’s poetry.

Two Poems by Atar Hadari

Elegy for the Harris Theatre

At Forty Second Street before the changing of the light
and bus station at Eighth there was a movie house: a pit

Wolf Soup by Vijay Seshadri

This First Proof contains the poem “Wolf Soup.”

Come by Pablo Tapay Bautista

Ruel is crying.
He has decided to fall in love.

From Another Desert  by Agha Shahid Ali

Cries Majnoon:

Beloved you are not here

Two Poems by Michael O'Keefe

The Woman I Am With

I enter the room and lie down quickly.

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