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The New Political Novel: An Interview with David Burr Gerrard by Nicholas Mancusi
David Burr Gerrard Light Bulbs

“I admire my characters for their ability to do something that I would find far too embarrassing to do myself. Fiction can get us to experience what we might do if we were braver. Or dumber.”

Anthony Tognazzi’s I Carry a Hammer in My Pocket for Occasions Such as These by Nicole Steinberg

Wending my way through the stories in Anthony Tognazzini’s debut collection, I felt as if I were in an old cartoon, where zippers in thin air open compact universes, each with its own atmosphere. 

Donald Antrim by Thomas Bolt
Atrim 01 Body

Writers Donald Antrim and Thomas Bolt trade keys to iconoclasm and metaphor in Antrim’s novel, The Hundred Brothers.

James Merrill by Thomas Bolt
James Merrill 01

James Merrill is one of America’s most distinguished poets. Critic Stephen Yenser has called Merrill’s epic poem The Changing Light at Sandover “a landmark in American literature.” Certainly it’s the only epic poem mostly dictated on a Ouija board to its two mediums, JM and DJ (Merrill and his co-adventurer David Jackson).

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