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On the Chaos of Bodies: David Grubbs and John Sparagana in Conversation
Sparagana 01

The collaborators on riots, punk, Richter, and the new book Now that the audience is assembled.

BOMB Specific by Curtis Mitchell

Jarvis Cocker, of Pulp, once told me: “During my accident, I remember hanging from the window ledge and thinking, this is actually a dramatic situation, but it doesn’t seem dramatic.”

Remembering John Giorno
Giorno 01 Body

In memory of poet and contributor John Giorno we revisit this poignant conversation with Marcus Boon.

“People think that when a poem works, it’s because of the lines of a great poet—Baudelaire, T. S. Eliot, Whitman, or whoever—but it’s not so. The lines, when they magically work, are the reflection of your mind. It’s almost like the poet is making a mirror that nobody can see.” John Giorno

Portfolio by Deborah Grant
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Portfolio by Gerald Slota
99 Slota 1 Body
Portfolio by Tony Fitzpatrick
Philip Taaffe by Shirley Kaneda
Taffe 01 Body

“Decoration in this folk sense is a kind of culturalized representation of nature. It’s closest to the raw elements that reflect a very specific geographical location in historical time. The importance of it for me is that I can have these circumstances of time and place in crystalline form, and I can feel those realities, feel the history that they inevitably speak about in this natural cultural sense.”

Jean-Paul Gaultier by David Seidner
149317900 11162015 Gaultier Jeanpaul 01 Bomb 031

He is the consummate media junkie, overflowing with pop references, a veritable lexicon of trivia and kitsch.

Selbstportrait by Harry Kondoleon
​Harry Kondoleon
Matisse and Laura Ashley Border by Jane Kaplowitz
Article 958  Bomb 21  Kaplowitz
The Colossus by Arnold Mesches
Bomb 11 Mesches Body
The Shoestore in Caborca … by Richard Nonas
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Untitled Collage by Lois Lane
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