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Xuanjitu by Su Hui​
Su Hui Bomb 01

(The Map of the Armillary Sphere)

Poems by Li Shangyin

The spring ode I dared to lightly compose, / its lines, held in the mouth, slipped into a half-empty cup.

Four Poems by Xue Di
Two Poems by Xue Di

This First Proof contains the poems “Green in Green” and “Dusk.”

Zhang Yimou’s Keep Cool by Larry Gross

Zhang Yimou’s new movie begins with a boy’s unrequited love for a girl all over the jammed streets of contemporary Beijing. The girl’s new boyfriend, a thug, beats the boy up.

A Strange Kind of Brain Damage by Can Xue

There does indeed exist a strange kind of brain damage. I have a friend who is a housewife in her thirties. When she talks with others, her left eye will not stop blinking.

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