BOMB 98, Winter 2007

The cover of BOMB 98

Border Crossing: Gronk, Alex Rubio, Gabriel Orozco, Cherríe Moraga, Salvador Plascencia, Margo Glantz, Jorge Hernandez of Los Tigres del Norte, Alberto Kalach, Virginia Fields, and Doña Julia Julieta Casimiro.


by Marisela Norte

Gronk, of the performance troupe ASCO, reminisces on life in East Los Angeles; Godzilla; his own character, Tormenta; mural painting; dining al fresco on a traffic island; and creating stage sets for Peter Sellars.

Alex Rubio

by Bill Fitzgibbons

Bill Fitzgibbons gives background information on Alex Rubio, the artist who created the cover image for this issue of BOMB, from Rubio’s upbringing in the San Antonio Barrio to his current pieces.

Virginia Fields

by Constance Cortez

The LACMA curator’s odyssey into the cosmology of the Maya, in Lords of Creation: The Origins of Ancient Maya Kingship, her latest blockbuster show to present the art and culture of ancient Mesoamerica.

This First Proof contains the poems “For Rose to Be We Need a Celebrity,” “Durango, Durango,” and “On Eroticism and Cutting Fabric.”

Minerva Cuevas

by Trinie Dalton

Trinie Dalton on the celebration of individualism and the critique of the capitalist ideal that drives Minerva Cuevas’ video installation The Economy of the Imaginary: Pirates and Heroes.

This First Proof contains the poems “For T. S. Eliot,” “The Table,” “Girl With Roots,” and “My house is your house (mi casa es tu casa),” translated by Aura Estrada and Francisco Goldman.

Margo Glantz

by Álvaro Enrigue

The Family Tree (The Genealogies), the legendary Mexican writer and thinker’s shimmering Rashomon of her Jewish family’s past, is revisited on a drive to her childhood home in Mexico City.

Salvador Plascencia

by Max Benavidez

Saturn devoured his children to leave myths like those in The People of Paper, unfolded here in the form of an origami temptress and a cholo gang leader.

Alberto Kalach

by Jose Castillo

Urban planning and the Edenic garden, from Cicero to Borges; and universal knowledge and the public library, from Boulee to Kalach’s own soaring Vasconcelos Library.

Winter 2007
The cover of BOMB 98