BOMB 97, Fall 2006

The cover of BOMB 97

Judith Linhares, Steven Shainberg, Tod Papageorge, Lynne Tillman, Theresa Rebeck, Amina Claudine Myers, Anthony McCall, William Katavolos, and Nichole Argo & Omar Amanat.

Tod Papageorge

by Richard B. Woodward

On the occasion of Tod Papageorge's "The Acropolis" series in Picture Magazine, we revisit his photographs of Central Park in the ’70s and his friendship with Garry Winogrand.

Three Poems

by Laurie Sheck

This First Proof contains the poems “Notes on Dr. Joseph Vacanti and Dr. Robert Langer,” “Notes on Perplexity,” and “Notes on Agnes Martin.”

Mark Klett

by Darius Himes

An artists on artists text on Photographer Mark Klett by Darius Himes, accompanied by several photographs by Mark Klett, the first titled Three Views of the Site of Comstock Mines.

Steve Roden

by Fionn Meade

Steve Roden’s interdisciplinary installation pieces translate to film in anything else &/or nothing at all, which combines ’50s educational video with a 93-tone “concrete score” in a mixture of constriction and spontaneity.

Hollis Frampton's (nostalgia)

by Steven Villereal

Rachel Moore’s latest book for Afterall’s “One Work” series digs beneath the formal conceit of 1971 film (nostalgia), based around a series of 12 burning photographs dissociated from their stories, to critically explore the film’s themes.

Allen Ginsberg

by Anne Waldman

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Howl‘s obscenity trial victory, reviewer Anne Waldman recommends four new books on Ginsberg, as well as Jerry Aronson’s biographical documentary and online audio archives of Ginsberg’s lectures and readings.

Spencer Finch

by Thomas Rayfiel

A artists on artists text on installation artist Spencer Finch, by Thomas Rayfiel, accompanied by several photographs of installations by Spencer Finch, the first titled Eos (Dawn, Troy, 10/27/02).

Lynne Tillman

by Geoffrey O'Brien

Tillman’s latest novel, American Genius, A Comedy, uses skin, that “illusory border between the body and the world,” as a fulcrum from which to explore an encyclopedic array of American subjects.

Steven Shainberg

by Andrew Fierberg

Director Steven Shainberg and producer Andrew Fierberg share a successful partnership forged in projects like Secretary and their latest, Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus. The two sit down to compare notes.

Amina Claudine Myers

by George Lewis

Amina Claudine Myers, virtuoso pianist and organist, sits down with trombonist, composer, and educator George Lewis to discuss the articulations between sound, history, and place that are central to her work.

Ryan Boudinot's The Littlest Hitler

by Nicole Steinberg

Ryan Boudinot makes The Littlest Hitler, his collection of unusual stories—a factory inspector whose sanitation inspections are compromised by a newly-hired corpse, for example—even more unusual by suffusing it with a surprising tenderness.

Theresa Rebeck

by Evangeline Morphos

Rebeck is busy this fall: "Poor Behavior,” is now in previews at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles. Her play “Seminar,” starring Alan Rickman and Lily Rabe, opens on Broadway in November.

Crime in Choir's Trumpery Métier

by Andrew Leland

New album Trumpery Métier, Crime in Choir’s prog-soaked, drug-fueled self-described soundtrack to grotesque French film La Grande Bouffe, evokes imaginings of floating tuxedoed canines from reviewer Andrew Leland.

Matthew Zapruder's The Pajamaist

by Sarah Fay

In Matthew Zapruder’s poetry collection, The Pajamaist, reviewer Sarah Fay finds that even the unsuccessful poems—of which there are few—are still worth reading, as part of Zapruer’s smart, ambitious view on the world.

This First Proof contains the poems “Grout” and “My Brother’s Mirror.” This issue of BOMB is currently out of stock.

William Katavolos

by Deborah Gans

William Katavolos’s career as an avant-gardist spans 60 years, culminating in his ongoing research into aquatecture, or liquid architecture. Colleague Deborah Gans places his vision within the trajectory of architectural history.

Judith Linhares

by Madison Smartt Bell

Award-winning novelist Madison Smartt Bell instigates an epistolary exchange with painter Judith Linhares on dream theory and Emily Dickinson. Linhares’ new show Riptide opened at Edward Thorp Gallery on February 25th.


by Sasha Chachavadze

Artist Sasha Chachavadze speaks about her family’s royal past in pre-Socialist Russia and what drove to create the collection Matchwork.

Robert Polidori's After the Flood

by T. R. Johnson

Reviewer and New Orleans Ninth Ward resident T. R. Johnson praises Robert Polidori’s images in After the Flood as the closest photography can come to representing the devastation wreaked by Hurricane Katrina.

Fall 2006
The cover of BOMB 97