BOMB 93, Fall 2005

The cover of BOMB 93

Jonathan Lethem & Noah Baumbach, Jennifer Bartlett & Elizabeth Murray, David Rabe, Yinka Shonibare, Lionel Shriver, George Lewis, Eliot Weinberger & Forrest Gander, Lincoln Perry, and Arturo Herrera.

Noah Baumbach

by Jonathan Lethem

These two New York natives discuss growing up in Brooklyn, the allure of the of the Museum of Natural History, and the perils of the autobiographical question in this instant classic from 2005.

This First Proof contains the poems “I’m Over the Moon,” “Three Summers Mark Only Two Years,” and “Straight’s the New Gay”.

This First Proof contains the poems “Another Conversion in These Times of Extreme Emptiness,” “The Enormity of It Took Him by Surprise,” and “Migrations.”

Our Twenty-fifth Year

by Betsy Sussler

In celebration of BOMB‘s 25th anniversary, editor-in-chief Betsy Sussler highlights the artistry of some of BOMB’s remarkably varied—and remarkably talented—staff of contributing editors.

Cannon Hudson

by Rachel Kushner

Cannon Hudson’s paintings of architectural interiors are three-dimensional depictions of flat geometry, reflected by and self-reflective through abstracted halls of mirrors.

Eliot Weinberger and Forrest Gander

The two poets are also essayists as well as translators. Weinberger’s latest book, What Happened Here: Bush Chronicles, traces the current administration’s controversial first term.

Jennifer Bartlett

by Elizabeth Murray

Elizabeth Murray and Jennifer Bartlett, painters and lifelong friends, reminisce about the ambitious New York art world of the 1960s and ‘70s in this Fall/2005 interview.

Lincoln Perry

by Ann Beattie

Lincoln Perry’s mural at the University of Virginia re-envisions the building’s view of distant mountains as the acme of a kind of secular Pilgrim’s Progress.

George Lewis

by Jeff Parker

Musician, electronic composition innovator, and MacArthur fellow Lewis has been documented in more than 120 recordings as well as numerous installations and written texts. He talks with Parker about where improvisation and politics intersect.

David Rabe

by Evangeline Morphos

The celebrated playwright and author converses with theater producer Morphos (behind, most recently, Sam Shepard’s The God of Hell), about his book of short stories, A Primitive Heart. In all of Rabe’s work, the past haunts his protagonist.

Yinka Shonibare

by Anthony Downey

Critic and curator Anthony Downey queries the 2004 Turner Prize nominee about the excess of carnival and its inversion of power. Shonibare’s latest project, the film Odile and Odette, updates Swan Lake to reflect an ambiguous contemporary morality.

On the Cover: Two Works

by Adam Helms

These two works on paper, NFA Combatant #3, appearing on this issue’s cover and in the table of contents, and Standing NFA Irregular #1, appearing in this issue’s table of contents, by Adam Helms. This article is only available in print.

James Frey's My Friend Leonard

by Marc Joseph

Reviewer Marc Joseph praises My Friend Leonard, the sequel to James Frey’s A Million Little Pieces, before the allegedly factual A Million Little Pieces is revealed to be a work of fiction.

Adam Helms

by Lucy Raven

Lucy Raven on how the mythology of underground guerrilla groups and the American frontier inspire the drawings and paintings of Adam Helms.

Jon Kessler

by Saul Ostrow

Saul Ostrow on how Jon Kessler’s sculptures and installations explore the aesthetic and the role of technology and mass media in our lives.

Fall 2005
The cover of BOMB 93