BOMB 92, Summer 2005

The cover of BOMB 92

Miranda July, Paul Chan, Kerry James Marshall & Luc Tuymans, Susan Wheeler, Tony Conrad, George Steel, Allan Sekula, Edge Theater's Carolyn Cantor, and Heather McHugh.

This First Proof contains the poems “Christmas Season 2004,” “Is mullein like ivy?” and “Riffing off Billie Holiday—Saturday, the Clouds are dark again.”

Heather McHugh

by Matthea Harvey

“I start with an uneasiness. Somewhere a pattern’s undersung.” Thus is Heather McHugh inspired to one of her witty, contradictory, perspicacious, sometimes bawdy, always sense-soaked poems. She’s also just won a McArthur grant.

Godlike by Richard Hell

by Alan Licht

Punk musician Richard Hell returns to his roots as a poet with the novel Godlike, a fictional memoir that analogizes the friendship between a hospitalized middle-aged poet and his teenage runaway friend to that of Rimbaud and Verlaine. This article is only available in print.

Felix Gonzalez-Torres and Roni Horn

by Lucy Raven

Roni Horn creates art from a square of gold foil, and the late Feliz Gonzalez-Torres responds with a spill of gold-wrappered candies in one of the many pairings and doublings displayed in the Andrea Rosen Gallery’s joint showing of these two artists.

Jim Hodges's Look and See

by Dan Tranberg

Jim Hodges’s reflective outdoor installation Look and See is both a playful sculpture sneaking into a cityscape and a sobering confrontation at the edges of Ground Zero.

George Steel

by William Wegman

Artist William Wegman has been an early music aficionado since he was a graduate student in the mid-‘60s. when he met George Steel, the Miller Theatre’s impresario who started the encyclopedic Composer Portrait Series, they had plenty to discuss.

Luc Tuymans and Kerry James Marshall

In conversation, Tuymans and Marshall—collaborating on an animation project scheduled to be completed in late 2007—alternately agree and disagree on the function of an artwork, its meaning and imperfection, and the frozen world within the painting.

Tony Conrad

by Jay Sanders

Over the past four decades, Tony Conrad's legendary work in minimalist music, experimental film and video, has been seminal in the development of those art forms.

Carolyn Cantor

by Betsy Sussler

Edge Theater Company produces unequivocally complex new American plays that bring a provocative mix of dark humor and ardent wit to bear in their exploration of life’s messy contingencies. Carolyn Cantor directed their latest, Orange Flower Water.

Allan Sekula

by Edward Dimendberg

From his investigation of maritime space to his extensive travels to world seaports, Allan Sekula’s trajectory transforms and connects domains that aren’t usually compared. His practice has extended from photography into filmmaking and recently, curating.

Sue de Beer

by Nancy A. Barton

Nancy Barton on how Sue de Beer’s video installation Black Sun explores death and effectively and empathetically channels the teenage experience.

Summer 2005
The cover of BOMB 92