BOMB 89, Fall 2004

The cover of BOMB 89

Laura Linney by Romulus Linney, Rodney Graham by Kim Gordon, Ben Marcus, Pierre Huyghe, David Levi Strauss, Jonathan Caouette, Kaffe Matthews, and Jerome Charyn.

Mel Kendrick

by Carroll Dunham

Carroll Dunham on the consistent exploration of natural versus abstract form present in the Core Sample sculptures of Mel Kendrick.

This First Proof contains the story “Saturday,” BOMB’s Fiction Prize Winner 2004 judged by A.M. Homes.

This First Proof contains four poems from Cat’s Eye in a Splintered Mirror translated from the Chinese by Keith Waldrop and Hu Qian.

Jonathan Caouette

by Christopher Wilcha

32-year-old Brooklyn filmmaker Jonathan Caouette has been documenting his own life since he was eleven. His staggering debut Tarnation, part documentary and part narrative, is a densely layered testament of Caouette’s life and that of his family.

Robert Quine

by Marc Ribot

Reviewer Marc Ribot remembers the groundbreaking punk guitar style and connection to popular music history of recently deceased musician Robert Quine.

Ben Marcus

by Courtney Eldridge

Courtney Eldridge (her book Unkempt, is just out) and Ben Marcus (The Age of Wire and String, Notable American Women) conducted this interview in celebration of Marcus’ anthology, The Anchor Book of New American Short Stories.

Jerome Charyn

by Frederic Tuten

Both first-rate novelists, Frederic Tuten and Jerome Charyn grew up in the Bronx, meeting as teenagers at the home of Fay Levine, the Bronx’s own Elizabeth Taylor. The two reminisce after the release of Charyn’s novel The Green Lantern.

Pierre Huyghe

by Doug Aitken

Pierre Huyghe, winner of the 2002 Hugo Boss Award, moves freely among different mediums, staging situations that while visually and conceptually complex, allow room for unexpected collaborations, both with other artists and with the viewer.

Kaffe Matthews

by Anthony Huberman

When British sound artist Kaffe Matthews thinks about sound, she thinks about space, time, travel and radios strapped to bicycles. Her approach to making music is based on sampling her surroundings and capturing their sonic personality.

Laura Linney

by Romulus Linney

Playwright Romulus Linney has been following Laura Linney’s career since its inception—he’s her dad. Fresh from roles in Clint Eastwood’s film Mystic River and Donald Margulies’s play Sight Unseen, the actress is working non-stop.

Sylvia Plachy

by A.M. Homes

Photographer Sylvia Plachy idiosyncratically documents her childhood and Hungary’s national history with a hint of nostalgia and melancholy in her third book Self Portrait with Cows Going Home.

Rodney Graham

by Kim Gordon

Sound and music have always been a key component of Canadian artist Rodney Graham’s films, installations, even his recent paintings. Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, also an artist, is used to traversing the worlds of both music and art.

David Levi Strauss

by Hakim Bey

The relation of images is the crux of writer David Levi Strauss’s work, though it’s by no means a sedentary position. He sat down with longtime friend and writer Hakim Bey to discuss how images operate in the public imaginary.

Fall 2004
The cover of BOMB 89