BOMB 86, Winter 2004

The cover of BOMB 86

The Americas Issue: Santiago Sierra, Michael "Ibo" Cooper, Stanley Greaves, Jorge Volpi, Brooke Alfaro, Nilo Cruz, Erna Brodber, Jesús Tenreiro-Degwitz, and Judy Mowatt.

Erna Brodber

by Keshia Abraham

The distinctive language and structure of Erna Brodber’s novels comes as much from James Joyce’s Ulysses as from the polyphonic vernacular of her native Jamaica. Keshia Abraham queries the author on her excavation of forgotten histories.

Jesús Tenreiro-Degwitz

by Carlos Brillembourg

Jesús Tenreiro-Degwitz is a renowned Venezuelan architect and esteemed teacher whose buildings reflect his concern for truth and for the improvement of living conditions for the urban citizen.

Jorge Volpi

by Martin Solares

Jorge Volpi’ s novel In Search of Klingsor, the first volume in a planned trilogy, is a historical fiction set among the foremost minds of the 20th century in the U.S. and postwar Germany.

Brooke Alfaro

by Mónica Kupfer

Brooke Alfaro’s figurative paintings were becoming increasingly grotesque visions of contemporary Latin American society. Four years ago he picked up a video camera and started recording the intimate lives of Panama City’s more impoverished denizens.

Santiago Sierra

by Teresa Margolles

The controversy over Santiago Sierra's installations, in which hired laborers perform meaningless tasks, has gained in intensity. Mexican artist Teresa Margolles enjoys a similar notoriety: she finds tools for commentary on social unrest in the morgue.

Judy Mowatt

by Kwame Dawes

A member of Bob Marley’s powerful backup singing trio, the I-Threes, Judy Mowatt was the first Jamaican woman to record a solo reggae album, 1979’s Black Woman. Kwame Dawes conducted this interview with Judy Mowatt in late 2003.

Stanley Greaves

by Anne Walmsley

Guyanese artist Stanley Greaves refers to himself as a maker of things, and it’s no coincidence that the people in his paintings are always holding objects. London-based researcher and writer Anne Walmsley has been in dialogue with Greaves for ten years.

Michael "Ibo" Cooper

by Kwame Dawes

Cofounder of the influential reggae group Third World, Ibo Cooper produced some of the most dynamic and sophisticated reggae tunes ever recorded. As songwriter, keyboardist and vocalist for the group, he spent 25 years taking reggae around the world.

Nilo Cruz

by Emily Mann

Nilo Cruz’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play Anna in the Tropics has just opened on Broadway. Its director, Emily Mann, queries the playwright on its conception in Cuba’s first revolution to the lectors who read out loud to the cigar rollers.

This First Proof contains the poems “Lesson,” “The Idea of Her,” “Time,” and “Island Memory.”

Juan Carlos Alom

by Lucy Raven

Lucy Raven on the remarkable self-containment and the discontented political metaphors found in the films and photographs of Juan Carlos Alom.

Winter 2004
The cover of BOMB 86