BOMB 85, Fall 2003

The cover of BOMB 85

Sol LeWitt, El-P, Gina Gershon, Jon Robin Baitz, Rikki Ducornet, Vera Lutter, Suzanne Farrell, and Edward St. Aubyn.

Sol LeWitt

by Saul Ostrow

Sol LeWitt bridged the gap between Minimalism and Conceptualism, foregrounding the disparity between the world of language and that of objects and actions.

Shen Wei Dance Arts

by Guy Gallo

Shen Wei Dance Arts makes modern dance that one must attend to, that minds the interaction between dancer and costume, and which is truly meditative and whole.

This First Proof contains the poems “IV (musiklexicon)” and “V (accidentien).” Translated by Anne Twitty. 

Vera Lutter

by Peter Wollen

Vera Lutter’s camera obscura photographs trace a history of light and architecture in urban, industrial and transportation hubs. Traces of people, planes, blimps and clouds exist like ghosts in these panels of space and time.

Wave Music

by Clifford Ross

Photographer Clifford Ross writes about his Wave Music project—the methods and equipment he uses as well as the philosophical underpinnings driving his work.

This First Proof contains the poems “Vivarium,” “I Do Not Sleep For Sleep Is Like The Wind And Trees Amazed,” “The Promise of Cream,” and “Between Toast and Apples (Seduction).” 

Mark Dion

by Nell McClister

Artists on Artists: Nell McClister, former BOMB Magazine Senior Editor, reviews Mark Dion’s 12-year restrospective which was held in 2003 at the Aldrich Museum in Connecticut.

Mark Lombardi

by Devon Golden

Deven Golden on how Mark Lombardi’s fascination with political conspiracy inspires his elegant pencil on paper flow charts.

Tran Luong

by Joe Fyfe

Joe Fyfe on how Tran Luong’s political past in Vietnam inspires healing in his performances and installations.

Rikki Ducornet

by Laura Mullen

Set in Egypt, Rikki Ducornet’s latest novel, Gazelle, revolves around sensuality and sexuality, war games and chess, and the ancient sciences of perfumery and mummification.


by Matthew Shipp

New York hip-hop musician and producer El-P has redefined (and willfully dismissed) the conventions of that genre, resulting in years of groundbreaking recording and producing. His 2002 solo debut, Fantastic Damage, was a landmark album.

Gina Gershon

by Stewart Wallace

Gina Gershon joins John Stamos in a production of Bye Bye Birdie at the Henry Miller’s Theater. She talks about channeling her inner rock goddess for the film Prey for Rock and Roll in this 2003 interview.

Jon Robin Baitz

by Stephen Gaghan

Screenwriter and playwright Jon Robin Baitz is the author of the award-winning play Three Hotels, among many others. His new play Other Desert Cities, is at the Lincoln Center Theater through February 27th.

Suzanne Farrell

by Emily Fragos

Suzanne Farrell was both George Balanchine’s muse and his collaborator in expanding the possibilities of ballet through experimentation and invention. Here Farrell shares stories from the Balanchine years and observations on dance with poet Emily Fragos.

By transferring every word and symbol of your average daily New York Times into a neatly bound novel sized book, Kenneth Goldsmith turns newspaper into poetry.

Martirio's Mucho corazón

by Ned Sublette

Arrangements of Martirio eschew the typical styles of the various genres, treating the tunes as platforms for a jazzy, acoustic Andalusian style complete with snapping guitar arpeggios, handclaps, guttural vocal melismas and lisping esses.


by Andy Gensler

So combines ethereal, John Cage-like electronic techniques with soothing, warmly processed vocals to create a diaphanous blanket of ambient sound.

Fall 2003
The cover of BOMB 85