BOMB 81, Fall 2002

The cover of BOMB 81

Jeffrey Eugenides by Jonathan Safran Foer, Walid Ra’ad, Mahmoud Darwish, Jane Hammond by David Lehman, Martina Kudláček, Steve Reich & Beryl Korot, and Christopher Shinn.

Múm's Finally We Are No One

by Eric David Johnson

Reviewer and DJ Eric David Johnson recommends Múm’s latest CD Finally We Are No One for painters and others looking for an album that perfectly combines musical absence and presence, like a music box in a dream.

Poets of the Levant

by Lee Smith

Peter Cole’s Jersualem-based Ibis Press publishes a collection of literature that evokes the peaceful religious coexistence imagined by historical and cartographical labels such as Andalusia, la Convivencia, and the Levant.

This First Proof contains the poems “Jerusalem,” “The Sirens,” and “Greetings from Angelus (Paul Klee Angelus Novus).” Translated by Richard Sieburth.

This First Proof contains the poems “Back when Roberta was the same age as Lucille,” “Valentine’s Day, 2001,” “Sea Serpent,” and “Comfort and Joy.”

Jeffrey Eugenides

by Jonathan Safran Foer

Novelist Jeffrey Eugenides’s latest book, Middlesex, is part third-person epic, part coming-of-age fairy tale, traversing the Greco-Turkish War, Detroit during Prohibition, and the genetic and sexologic concerns of its hermaphroditic narrator.

Josh Müller

by Lucy Raven

Artist Josh Müller uses a variety of methods to draw into question how audiences interpret film, from resetting and rephotographing travel magazine models to taping a rescreening of a popular television series.

Mahmoud Darwish

by Raja Shehadeh

Mahmoud Darwish (1941–2008) was this era’s preeminent Palestinian poet. The near-constant curfew in Ramallah, the home of both Darwish and fellow writer and civil rights lawyer Raja Shehadeh, dictated the terms of their meeting in 2002.

Steve Reich and Beryl Korot

by Julia Wolfe

The epic Three Tales, a digital-documentary-video opera by renowned composer Steve Reich and video artist Beryl Korot, uses three seminal technological and dramatic events from the 20th century.

Jane Hammond

by David Lehman

Painter Jane Hammond speaks with poet David Lehman about her artistic friendship with the evocative and accomplished John Ashbery. Working from titles that Ashbery faxed to her, Hammond has created paintings for the John Ashbery Collaboration, 1993–2001.

Walid Ra'ad

by Alan Gilbert

The heterogeneous work of Beirut- and Brooklyn-based artist Walid Ra’ad and his imaginary foundation, the Atlas Group, document the troubled contemporary history of Lebanon (focusing on the nation’s 15 years of civil war).

Christopher Shinn

by David Greenspan

Christopher Shinn’s play Four received rare praise when it opened last year in New York. Fellow playwright David Greenspan speaks with Shinn about the flawed characters that people his plays and his upcoming tragedy, What Didn’t Happen.

Martina Kudláček

by Robert Gardner

Documentary filmmaker Martina Kudláček has just completed the definitive biographical film on legendary avant-garde filmmaker Maya Deren, In the Mirror of Maya Deren.

Chie Fueki

by Laura Newman

Chie Fueki’s paintings are both shimmeringly beautiful and richly meaningful, offering many layers of interpretation and allusion and drawing on roots as disparate as Jasper Johns and Japanese bijinga painting.

Fall 2002
The cover of BOMB 81