BOMB 7, Fall 1983

The cover of BOMB 7

Daniel Schmid by Gary Indiana, Robin Winters, Lizzie Borden, Jorg Immendorf, art by Carl Apfelschnitt, Kiki Smith, and more.

Jörg Immendorff

by Heidrun Reshöft

Heidrun Roshöft conveys the most formative experiences in Jörg Immendorff's life . . . from artistic isolation in West Germany, a camaraderie with fellow German artist A. R. Penck, to the development of the Café Deutschland series.

Five Stories

by Lisa Blaushild

"The Men in My Life," "Gay Cancer," "Roommates," "How to Pick Up Impotent Men," and "How to Photograph the Blind" by Lisa Blaushild.


by Melvin Jules Bukiet

A window on Jewish life and fire in a Polish village, "Nurseries" by Melvin Jules Bukiet, from the book Stories of an Imaginary Childhood.

Robin Winters

by Betsy Sussler

Artist Robin Winters talks about his assorted odd jobs, his cast of characters, and sets an ultimatum for the American government.

Apropos: Daniel Schmid

by Gary Indiana

Gary Indiana writes that Daniel Schmid's films, including Hecate, Paloma, and Shadow of Angels, "elaborate the sensual fantasies people call forth to veil reality, a response of desire to exigencies of the social order."


by Howard Brookner

Announcement for Howard Brookner’s film on William Burroughs, Burroughs “the piecemeal portrait of a very strange man.”

Lizzie Borden

by Betsy Sussler

Filmmaker Lizzie Borden imagines a post-revolutionary future in which women of all races band together to overthrow a male-dominated media and government. She discusses the film's adoption of '60s counterculture rhetoric and the value of science fiction.

Fall 1983
The cover of BOMB 7