BOMB 55, Spring 1996

The cover of BOMB 55

Frances McDormand by Willem Dafoe, A.M. Homes, Padgett Powell, Tina Girouard, William Pope. L, Butch Morris, Malcolm Morley, Jafar Panahi, and John Elderfield.

A.M. Homes

by Gregory Crewdson

Set against Robert Frank’s Cocksucker Blues, A.M. Homes and artist Gregory Crewdson scrape the layers off suburban homes, revealing the surreal, the pornographic, and the psycho-sexual desires in her novel, The End of Alice.

Winner of the Cannes 1995 Camera d’Or, The White Balloon by Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi brings drama and humor to a seven-year-old’s quest for a New Year’s fish.

Padgett Powell

by V. Hunt

Padgett Powell is one of the funniest men alive. If he weren’t such a great writer—Edisto, Edisto Revisited—he could always be a comedian. V. Hunt tracks the laughs.

Butch Morris

by David Henderson

With his ten CD box set, Testament: A Conduction, composer/conductor Butch Morris gives voice to the collective imagination and re-envisions the way we hear music.

Six Works

by Alexis Rockman

This First Proof contains the artwork Drainage Ditch: Georgetown, 1995 and Untitled Mud Drawings, 1994, courtesy of Jay Gorney Modern Art.

William Pope.L

by Martha Wilson

William Pope.L walks the line between performance and theater; art and political activism. He and Martha Wilson talk about art and racism in America.

John Elderfield

by David Carrier

The Bohen Series on Critical Discourse. John Elderfield, Chief Curator-at-Large of the Museum of Modern Art, speaks with philosopher David Carrier about Matisse, Mondrian, Prud’hon and contemporary theories of taste and interpretation.

Wish we could, but we can’t include all the droll anecdotes from our interviews. Space provided, we’d print them all; however, we’ve saved a few because we thought you’d be amused. 

Thomas Nozkowski

by Saul Ostrow

Saul Ostrow on Thomas Nozkowski, an abstract painter interested in the diversity and indeterminacy rather than the limitations of his much discussed medium.

Spring 1996
The cover of BOMB 55