BOMB 47, Spring 1994

The cover of BOMB 47

Pedro Almodovar, Lily Taylor, Suzan-Lori Parks, Gregory Crane, Saint Clair Cemin, Paul Beatty, Martha Rosler, Djur Djura by David Byrne, Nancy Spero, Richard Foreman, Robert Barry, and Edmund White.

Paul Beatty

by Christian Haye

Paul Beatty, acclaimed and inventive author, speaks with poet, critic, and gallery owner Christian Haye on issues of personal politics, performance, group-think, and getting by with style in the world of contemporary poetry.

Pedro Almodóvar

by Ela Troyano

Almodóvar's trademark rich, cartoon-like palate combined with dark telenovela-esque plotlines make his films instantly recognizable and consistently watchable. Here he talks about KIKA, his most recent project, with fellow filmmaker Ela Troyano.

Gregory Crane

by Simon Lane

Gregory Crane discusses his painterly process with novelist Simon Lane, expatiating on his unique formulation of “realism,” the inspired method by which his art strives to unsheathe the numinous forces of the visible world.

Djur Djura

by David Byrne

Songwriter, author, and filmmaker Djur Djura contemplates her decision to embrace values of both traditional Algerian and French culture—and the sometimes horrifying consequences of her choice.

Richard Foreman

by Eric Bogosian

Richard Foreman, founder of the Ontological-Hysteric Theater Company, has produced decades of groundbreaking experimental theater, creating a theatrical tradition with no parameters of restraint. Idiot Savant is up now at the Public.

Suzan-Lori Parks

by Han Ong

Han Ong speaks to the endlessly quotable Suzan-Lori Parks about her playwriting experiences. She’ll be doing a reading at the University of Puget Sound on the 22nd.

Sign Language

by Jane Kaplowitz

Two drawings accompanied by text, concerning the changing sign language gestures for Homosexual and African American, titled Sign Language, by Jane Kaplowitz.

Word Into Image

by Marjorie Welish

Marjorie Welish, artist and critic, brings Robert Barry, Martha Rosler, and Nancy Spero together in conversation about the significance of language, words, and text in their work.

Spring 1994
The cover of BOMB 47