BOMB 40, Summer 1992

The cover of BOMB 40

Reno, Derek Walcott by Caryl Phillips, Neal Jimenez & Eric Stoltz, George Condo, Louis Kahn, Camille Billops, Darius James, Michael Jenkins, and Joe Mantello.

Louis Kahn

by Carlos Brillembourg

In this imagined interview, Carlos Brillembourg transforms the elegant writings of legendary architect Louis I. Kahn into a revelatory conversation on the aesthetics and ideology of his craft.

Camille Billops

by Ameena Meer

Often highly charged, humorous, and personal, Camille Billops’s uncompromising documentaries burst the taboo bubble around such topics as race, sex, age, and adoption. Here, she speaks her mind with Ammena Meer on the challenges of filmmaking and racism.

Neal Jimenez

by Eric Stoltz

A conversation between Neal Jimenez and Eric Stoltz on the film The Waterdance, actor/director dynamics, and honestly-portrayed sex-scenes.

Three Poems

by Sandra Cisneros

Three poems, titled “I am on My Way to Oklahoma to Bury the Man I Nearly Left My Husband For,” “Cloud,” and “Black Lace Bra Kind of Woman,” by Sandra Cisneros. This article is only available in print. However, you may purchase a pdf of the issue in which this article appears, here.

George Condo

by Anney Bonney

Anney Bonney interviews George Condo. "Besides being the most worldly/other worldly artist I know, he’s also a great natural wit, bon vivant and musician."

Poem by Sivaramani, translated from the Tamil by Indran Amirthanayagam, R. Charan, and P. Manikkalingam—for the Sri Lankan Poetry portfolio. 

Joe Mantello

by Nicole Burdette

“I love that you can be in a completely black space with only two chairs and go anywhere,” says actor/director Joe Mantello on the versatility of theater acting. He discusses the magic of theater companies and the Catholic Church with Nicole Burdette.

Two poems, “To My Autistic Son, Revantha” and “Return to Sri Lanka, 1991” by Guy Amirthanayagam—for the Sri Lankan Poetry portfolio. 


by Linda Yablonsky

Reno presents subjects such as politics, rape and abortion on an unlikely stage. She gets her message across by making audiences laugh about material that is often avoided.

Darius James

by Christian Haye

“I got mugged the day that I turned in my manuscript…” Christian Haye talks with Darius James about racism, racial interactions in America, and his first novel, Negrophobia.

Derek Walcott

by Caryl Phillips

A conversation with Derek Walcott, “the most important writer that the English-speaking Caribbean has ever produced,” according to Caryl Phillips. He speaks about his views of America and ideas of home.

Michael Jenkins

by Bill Arning

Artist Michael Jenkins discusses, with Bill Arning, how early psychological experiences condition our reaction to artistic images.

Summer 1992
The cover of BOMB 40