BOMB 38, Winter 1992

The cover of BOMB 38

Edward Albee, Caryl Phillips by Graham Swift, Barbara Kopple, Mike Kelley, Colm Tóibín, Valerie Jaudon, Robbie Robertson, Brigitte Rouan, Nicole Burdette, Clutter, Todd Ayoung, Exene Cervenka, and Carolyn See.


by Douglas Blau

A collection of photographs, prints, and paintings curated by Douglas Blau. Pictured are various kinds of collections through history from artists such as Jan Steen, Albrecht Dürer, and more. 

Exene Cervenka

by Lynn Geller

With songs that explored the darker sides of LA’s culture in the early ’80s, Exene Cervenka and her band X’s unique brand of folky punk rock has made them a permanent fixture in LA’s musical history.

Mike Kelley

by John Miller

In Memoriam: Mike Kelley, 1955–2012. With influences as diverse as his mediums, Kelley remains one of the most important artists of the late 20th century.

Caryl Phillips

by Graham Swift

Caryl Phillips speaks to his friend Graham Swift about the origins and writing of Cambridge, a novel which speaks to the “historic, primal, terrible” journey of the African slave trade.

Robbie Robertson

by John Sinclair

Fresh from recording a new album (Storyville), folk rock singer-songwriter Robbie Robertson discusses his love of New Orleans with John Sinclair.

Todd Ayoung

by Curlee Raven Holton

In his artwork, Ayoung aims to reconstruct and recontextualize the “imaginary community” projected onto racial minorities by white society. He discusses the challenges faced by minority artists as they strive for recognition and self-discovery.

Colm Tóibín

by Lynne Tillman

Colm Toíbín discusses the power of the written word upon the completion of his first novel The South in conversation with Lynne Tillman from 1992.

Four poems, titled “Tremont Street,” “April,” “With Willa In Mount Auburn Cemetary,” and “April 1990,” by David Mamet.

Nicole Burdette

by Craig Gholson

Nicole Burdette discusses her writing process and her play Busted with director Roger Hedden and actors Victor Slezak and Martha Plimpton.

Valerie Jaudon

by Shirley Kaneda

Painter Valerie Jaudon positions her work between fine and decorative arts reconciling modernist and post-structuralist polemics with ease through open ended methods and interrogations that take on a uniquely seductive and feminine point of view.

Barbara Kopple

by Roland Legiardi-Laura

Roland Legiardi-Laura invokes documentarian Barbara Kopple’s modesty as they discuss the extreme hardships and tensions involved in making Oscar-winning films such as American Dream and Harlan County, U.S.A.

Winter 1992
The cover of BOMB 38