BOMB 31, Spring 1990

The cover of BOMB 31

Jean Paul Gaultier, Nick Cave, Joyce Carol Oates, Anton Furst, Tony Spiridakis, Larry Sultan, Liza Bear, Sally Beers, John Steppling, Lisa Hoke, Vera Belmont, Leonard Shapiro, and Christopher Brown.

Larry Sultan

by Catherine Liu

Larry Sultan’s home movie stills are the basis of an ongoing project that documents the American Dream and delves into the relationship between photography and temporality.

Three Works

by Mel Kendrick

Portfolio of work by Mel Kendrick including Osage with Two Squares, White Log, and Black and Red Curve, by Mel Kendrick. 

Jean-Paul Gaultier

by David Seidner

An introduction by David Seidner to a portfolio on Gaultier. The portfolio includes images conceived and executed by the designer and a portrait by Jean-Baptiste Mondino.

Sally Beers

by Elizabeth Cannon

Play and pleasure are at the forefront of a Sally Beers collection. Her prints, silhouettes, and concepts reflect her sense of humor and adventure.

Joyce Carol Oates

by Stuart Spencer

With five titles short-listed for National Book Awards, and the fiction prize for Them in 1970, Joyce Carol Oates has been one of the presiding voices of American literature for the past four decades.

Liza Béar

by Robert Lang

Liza Béar directed the film Force of Circumstance, a political drama set in the infamous city of Casablanca and Washington DC. Her body of work of short films consist of Oued Nefifik: A Foreign Movie, Lost Oasis, and Earthglow.

Tony Spiridakis

by Amos Poe

Amos Poe asks actor and screenwriter Tony Spiridakis what it felt like to get cut out of Full Metal Jacket and selects excerpts from two of his plays, Queens Logic and Self Storage.

Véra Belmont

by Kristen Bates

Véra Belmont describes what it was like growing up with Marxist parents, and the “double naked” experience of directing her own story.

Leonard Shapiro

by Allen Frame

Leonard Shapiro delves into his concept of testimony, discusses theater’s unique aspect of immediate feedback, and shares his idea of stages in train stations.

Four poems, titled “The Joke Code,” “In A Dressingroom,” “Untitled,” and “A Poem,” by David Mamet.

A short story titled “Question and Answer,” by Gary Glickman, reveals the tension between commitment and anxiety in the city at the height of the AIDS epidemic.

Anton Furst

by Lynn Geller

From the fantastical Gotham City in Batman, to Vietnam War-scapes in England in Full Metal Jacket, Furst’s imagination and technical brilliance played an indispensable role in ushering in a new era of production design.

Christopher Brown

by Thomas Bolt

Christopher Brown pictures paint as a material and narrative vehicle. Thomas Bolt discusses this direct approach and its refreshing bluntness with the artist.

Spring 1990
The cover of BOMB 31