BOMB 3, Spring 1982

The cover of BOMB 3

Barbara Kruger & Richard Prince, Keith Sonnier, Valie Export by Gary Indiana, Alan Scarritt, and Jim Chladek. Cover by Mark Magill.

You Are Not I

Write-up for a film by Sara Driver based on a short story by Paul Bowles in which a mix up between two sisters ensues. 

Mississippi/New York

by Allen Frame

Five black and white photographs of figures alone and in groups, David Kain in Sarah's Kitchen, Linda Chappel at Home, Outside Brown's Delishoppe, Bill, Charlie, Butch, and Ken, Tom, Kavoof

All Tomorrow's Parties

Artists Barbara Kruger and Richard Prince have a double conversation, each beginning with the same question and answer.

Broken Images

by Lisa Kahane

Altered photographs of monumental stone figures representing "ruined" wisdom and force, Broken Images by Lisa Kahane. 

Spring 1982
The cover of BOMB 3