BOMB 20, Summer 1987

The cover of BOMB 20

Christopher Durang, Duane Michals by David Seidner, Steve Erickson, Mona Simpson, and Weegee.

Duane Michals

by David Seidner

Duane Michals moves beyond representation and reproduction in his photography, and instead “writes” with his art. He explains the importance of constantly redefining the medium to fellow photographer David Seidner.


The Famous Weegee, self proclaimed perfectionist and maverick photojournalist, talks about humanizing a sad news story by photographing chaotic street scenes and taking portraits of grieving family.

Seven Poems

by Anne Carson

Seven “Short Talks” on topics such as Chromo-luminarism, Major and Minor, Geisha, Vicuñas, Trout, The Rules of Perspective, and Homo Sapiens by Anne Carson.

Dine East

by Ellen Jaffe

Four portrait photographs of diner patrons, Dine East, by Ellen Jaffe. from the Body Pictures portfolio.

Four Poems

by Daisy Friedman

Four poems, “Private Routines,” “Anniversary Poem,” “L’Espirit D’Escalier,” and “A Sunny Day Response” by Daisy Friedman.


by Joel Rose

A French woman ponders the plight of America with her American boyfriend, “Money” by Joel Rose.

Mona Simpson

by Ameena Meer

Mona Simpson's first novel, Anywhere But Here, explores the complicated relationship of a mother and daughter as they go in search of their own strangely American dreams.

Steve Erickson

by James Mx Lane

Though he is anxious to shirk the labels bestowed upon him by critics and fans alike, Steve Erickson’s surreal prose has been compared to the work of Pynchon and Márquez. He talks to James Mx Lane after the publication of his novel Rubicon Beach.

Two Photographs

by Neal Slavin

Reprinted from the book BritonsSilurian Border Morris Men, Horse & Jockey Club, Colwall, Herefordshire, and Great Danes Breeders Association, the home of the Treasurer, Ulcombe, Kent.


by Angela Neúke

Photograph of police restraining rowdy onlookers during a prize giving to President Sengh of Senegal in 1969, Frankfurt by Angela Neúke.

Summer 1987
The cover of BOMB 20