BOMB 18, Winter 1987

The cover of BOMB 18

Martin Amis, Gretchen Bender by Cindy Sherman, Charles Henri Ford, and Roland Joffé.

Gretchen Bender

by Cindy Sherman

The late Gretchen Bender created “high tech” art when “high tech” was still an accepted turn of phrase. Here, she talks to Cindy Sherman about the appropriation and manipulation of TV commercials, images from the news, and contemporary art.

What starts as an innocent encounter between expats and an invitation to a Berber wedding ends in drugs, a police bust, and rape, titled “Marrakesh,” by Catherine Texier.

Roland Joffé

by Thomas Bird

Director Roland Joffé discusses the films The Killing Fields and The Mission; growing up in post-war London; and transitioning from theater to television to film.

Charles Henri Ford

by Bruce Wolmer

Famed writer, editor, filmmaker, and publisher Charles Henri Ford speaks of his early years in Paris, his theory of collage, and how he came to obtain a nude photograph of Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith.

Two Poems

by Kedarnath Singh

Two Hindi poems in translation  by Kedarnath Singh, titled “The Bullock” and “A Name For My Little Daughter.” Translated by Mrinal Pande and M. Halpearn.

Five Poems

by Ashok Vajpeyi

Five Hindi poems in translation by Ashok Vajpeyi, titled “In Bhilai,” “For Guillevick and Genevieve,” “Apocalypse,” “A Prayer,” and “By Words Too.”

Five Poems

by Shamsur Rahman Faruqi

POETRY IN TRANSLATION: INDIA, “Rubà i I,” “Rubà i IV,” “Underdone,” “Night falls with a broken wing,” and “Untitled,” written and translated from the Urdu by Shamsur Rahman Faruqi.

Four Poems

by Arun Kolatkar

Four Marathi poems in translation by Arun Kolatkar, titled “The Turnaround,” “Temperature Normal; Pulse, Respiration Satisfactory,” “Malkhamb,” and “Old Newspapers.”

Two Works

by Dona Nelson

Two works by Dona Nelson—Winter in the Park, gesso and charcoal on canvas, 1986 and Clock in the Rain, oil on canvas, 1986.

Three Works

by Gary Stephan

Two bronze sculptures, titled Madame as Recamier and Untitled; and acrylic painting on canvas, titled Flood of Values, by Gary Stephan.


by Kiki Smith

Stomach from Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law, a 1985 portfolio of color monoprints, by Kiki Smith.

Martin Amis

by Patrick McGrath

Authors Martin Amis and Patrick McGrath discuss Amis’s novel, Money, a black comedy set in New York and London, featuring the misadventures of a large and ugly filmmaker named John Self, a man “addicted to the 20th century.”

Winter 1987
The cover of BOMB 18