BOMB 141, Fall 2017

The cover of BOMB 141

Featuring interviews with Amit Dutta, Lisa Sanditz, Nina Katchadourian, Anoka Faruqee, Michelle Grabner, Suzanne Bocanegra, Adrienne Truscott, Marcus Steinweg, Mike Wallace, and Lucy Ives. This issue will appear online in the coming weeks; get your copy today.

Paul Kingsnorth's Beast

by Tyler Curtis

The Wake—Paul Kingsnorth's 2014 debut novel, which chronicles the life of an Anglo-Saxon during the Norman Conquest—has since gained a disturbing resonance with the recent surge and codification of nationalism that is Brexit.

Mark Fosson's Solo Guitar

by Daniel Bachman

I met Mark in 2012 on a two-week tour from Montreal to Kentucky. He had just released a set of home recordings from 1976 called Digging in the Dust on the Tompkins Square label, and we had a great time driving around and getting to know each other. 

Nina Katchadourian

by Mónica de la Torre

Embracing boredom and creative constraints, Katchadourian tells of in-flight artwork and other conceptual projects ahead of Curiouser, her career survey on view this September.

Lucy Ives

by Tan Lin

Ives discusses chasing false lures, testing the limits of relationships, and what's been cut from her novel Impossible Views of the World.

Amit Dutta

by Shambhavi Kaul

The filmmaker tracks the development of his research-based cinema from evocations of childhood memory to adaptations of Indian paintings and literature.

BOMB 141
Fall 2017
The cover of BOMB 141