BOMB 138, Winter 2017

The cover of BOMB 138

This issue will appear online in the coming weeks. Get your copy today. Featuring interviews with Lynda Benglis, Roe Ethridge, Becca Blackwell, Antonio Campos, Robert Greene, Angie Keefer, Liz Magic Laser, Laura Kurgan, China Miéville, Michael Palmer, and Rosmarie Waldrop.

Terence Davies's A Quiet Passion

by Tan Lin

A Quiet Passion, Terence Davies's biopic about the poet Emily Dickinson, faces a problem typical of movies seeking to recreate the life of a literary figure: how to accommodate film to language, and, in particular, to Dickinson's dense, elliptical, and unconventionally punctuated and often abstract poetry.

Big Star's Complete Third

by Andrew Hultkrans

In rock-historical terms, Third recalls the Beach Boys' unfinished SMiLE, another Icarus-like attempt at artistic transcendence by a drugged-out genius at the end of his rope, belatedly released to the public.

Larissa Pham's Fantasian

by Ben Fama

I began having better sex in the weeks I read and reread Larissa Pham's debut novel, Fantasian, and if there is any justification for spending money on literature, that's got to be at the top of the list.

I'm a Swede. I want you to be aware of this from the start because this fact is responsible for the strangest episode of my life, which I want to tell you about now.

Alan Reid's Warm Equations

by Ted Dodson

The basic conceit of Warm Equations is that a book can abstract the space of conversation typically delimited in front of paintings, that the thematics of a painter's practice, in this case Alan Reid's, can be constellated through a chorus of related texts.

BOMB 138
Winter 2017
The cover of BOMB 138