BOMB 127, Spring 2014

The cover of BOMB 127

Jay Scheib, Matthew Barney, Gaspar Noé, chameckilerner, Zoe Leonard, Shannon Ebner, Teju Cole, Etel Adnan, Lisa Robertson, Natalie Frank, Dasha Shishkin, Valerie Snobeck, Lucy Corin, Gary Indiana, Anselm Berrigan. . .

Bill Orcutt's Gerty Loves Pussy

by Clinton Krute

Bill Orcutt is. . . Bill Orcutt’s acoustic guitar. . . Lightnin’ Hopkins and Fred McDowell. . . It would be easy to. . . ex-Harry Pussy guitar master. . . Bill Orcutt’s rather fast and loose. . . When Bill Orcutt. . . Guitarists can be a romantic bunch. . . When Bill Orcutt starts playing the acoustic guitar. . . This time I am record reviewing Bill Orcutt’s new release. . . Few acts on the landscape of. . .To say that Bill Orcutt. . .


by Eve Sussman

We wanted to make a sea of flesh. But it was impossible. Throughout the process we had to reveal the personality of each performer to be able to get to the sea of flesh.

Shannon Ebner and Zoe Leonard

Both artists overturn photographic conventions to slow down our reading of physical and verbal landscapes. Their exchange touches on the retina, the sun, and camera obscura.

I rush to the curb and leap into the Ladies’ packed Honda before anyone can see. I make sure to slump low in the backseat before we peel away with a screech like we’re a pile of witches in a hurry.

Etel Adnan

by Lisa Robertson

To Look at the Sea is to Become What One Is, Adnan's forthcoming reader, provides the poets with an occasion to talk about image, philosophy, and love.

I wore my dungarees and smoked my cigarettes and did not wear lipstick like my mother. Lipstick makes the mouth a cunt.

The autumn of 1969 was a creepy season in San Francisco. In the long rancid afterglow of the summer of love, the Haight-Ashbury had puddled into a gritty slum of boarded-up head shops and strung-out junkies, thuggish dealers, undercover cops in love beads and fright wigs.

Valerie Snobeck

by Joe Fyfe

The plastic is part of us, part of me and my contribution, too, even if not directly. Plastic is estranged from me, but it is me.

“If you despoil the most outstandingly beautiful woman of her hair . . . were she Venus herself . . . she would not be able to seduce even her own husband,” said Apuleius.

Matthew Barney and Gaspar Noé

"My addiction has to do with performance, with creating a very real situation and then dealing with all the physical problems surrounding it." —Matthew Barney

BOMB 127
Spring 2014
The cover of BOMB 127