BOMB 126, Winter 2014

The cover of BOMB 126

Leonardo Padura, Amie Siegel, Phyllida Barlow, Kai Althoff, Dodie Bellamy, Edwidge Danticat, Hans Witschi, Mary Halvorson, Percival Everett, Gregoire Pam Dick, Paul Hlava, Craig Dworkin . . .

For the past decade my sense of Bethany Ides’s work was based on hearsay, bits and scraps, or long distance perception. After seeing Initial Contractions last year, I understood that this myopic blur and the piecemeal comprehension was a quality of the work.

Pierre Guyotat

by Noura Wedell

The French writer speaks to his translator about his latest autobiographical novel to appear in English. Titled In the Deep, it deals with the link between desire and his early literary output, as well as the effect of his Catholic upbringing and World War II on his imagination.


by Scott Turri

Janine Antoni's exhibition Within constructs a metaphor for the building of the human body. 

Kai Althoff

by David Grubbs

Althoff engages multiple art modes—from painting to making music, as a band member of Workshop and under the pseudonym Fanal.

Hans Witschi

by Zipora Fried

Zipora Fried talks with Witschi'sabout the intricate methodology that inspires his paintings, his digital image archive, and his musical notation.

BOMB 126
Winter 2014
The cover of BOMB 126